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The public employment service office envision to promote full employment and equal opportunities for all by strengthening and expanding the existing facilitation service.


To promote employment opportunities through referral for local or overseas job placement, livelihood/self-employment assistance, employability enhancement training and provision of career employment guidance & counseling to improve the quality of life of the people of La Union.


General Objective:

  1. Ensure the prompt, timely and efficient delivery of employment service and provision of information on the other DOLE programs.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Provide a venue where people could explore simultaneously various employment options and actually seek assistance they prefer.
  2. Serve as referral and information center for the various services and programs of DOLE and other government agencies present in the area.
  3. Provide clients with adequate information on employment and labor market situation in the area.
  4. Network with other PESOs within the region on employment for job exchange purposes.


  • Labor Market Information Services

Labor Market Information constitutes any information that affects the movement of labor supply and demand.

The following are the activities that relates to the provision of LMI Services:

  1. Encourage employers to submit to the PESO on a regular basis a list of job vacancies in their respective establishments.
  2. Provide job vacancy information to job seekers, both for local and overseas employment, and recruitment assistance to employers.
  3. Generate information about the labor supply and demand in various disaggregation level.
  • Referral and Placement Services

Referral is a process of directing per-screened jobseekers to employers with vacancies matching their qualifications, while placement is the result of a successful referral.

The following are the activities in conducting referral and placement:

  1. Provide referral to jobseekers who match qualification requirement of vacancies posted by employers.
  2. Provide persons with entrepreneurship qualities access to various livelihood and self-employment programs offered by both government and non-government organization at the provincial/city/municipal/barangay levels by undertaking referrals for such program.
  3. Refer jobseekers to skills training to different centers if the former is willing to undergo the said training.
  4. Make follow-up to the employer regarding the status of the referred jobseekers.
  • Employment Guidance and Counseling Services

Employment Guidance and Counseling is a process of assisting people intellectually and psychologically to make decisions about their career and act to realize it.

The following are the basic task to consider in providing the service:

  1. Conduct pre-employment counseling and orientation to prospective local and overseas workers.
  2. Identify occupationally set or not set jobseekers and provide appropriate referrals to them.
  3. Counsel jobseekers base on the current labor market situation.
  4. Provide employment or occupational counseling, career guidance, mass motivation and values Development activities.
  5. Conduct career guidance and employment counseling to graduating students of secondary, tertiary, and technical/vocational schools.
  6. Undertake employability enhancement seminar for jobseekers as well as those who would like to change career or enhance their employability.
  1. Jobs Fair–This is an employment strategy which brings together in one venue jobseekers and employers for immediate hiring.
  2. Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) – This program is intended to help the poor but deserving students pursue their education by means of employment.
  3. Workers Hiring for Infrastructure Projects (WHIP) – Is a program which aims to employ constituents of LGUs where construction project of the Department of Public Works and Highways/Provincial/City/Municipal Government are constructed/located.
  4. Tulong at Alalay sa Taong may Kapansanan (TULAY) – A special program for persons with disability (PWD) whose main objective is to assist in the integration of persons with disabilities into the society by providing them access to training and employment opportunities both in the formal and informal sector.
  5. Recruitment assistance to employer both for local and overseas employment.
  6. Phil-Job.Net–An automated job and applicant matching system which aims to fast-track jobseekers search for job and employers search for manpower.
  7. Anti-Illegal Recruitment Campaign–Information dissemination on the prevention of illegal recruitment in the province.
  8. Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)–Conduct of seminar to applicants for overseas employment.
  9. Perform the functions of a Migrant Desk Officer & Anti-Illegal Recruitment Desk Officer.
  10. Other programs/activities developed by DOLE, POEA, OWWA, other GOs/NGOs to enhance provision of employment and other assistance to PESO clients.

Organizational Chart

Citizens Charter

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