Hon. Francisco Emmanuel “Pacoy” R. Ortega III
Provincial Governor


In sum, the cornerstone of my platform of governance is continuity, innovation, creativity, and enhancement of instituted and sustained political, social and economic gains of the Province of La Union in the last decade. These gains were achieved with unified direction and coordinated action that involved a participatory government based on transparency, accountability, responsiveness and accessibility. Thus, I will review, continue, strengthen and expand the various development plans, programs and projects that focus on poverty reduction/alleviation where the poorest of the poor are located including, but not limited to coastal and upland barangays and Indigenous People’s (IP) communities.

I. Highly Professionalized Provincial Bureaucracy

  • Re-organize the Provincial Bureaucracy for greater efficiency and effectiveness to include the following offices:
    1.  Provincial Investments and Local Enterprise Development
    2. Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Climate Change Adaptation Office
    3. Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Management Office
  • Facilitate the passage of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Code for the province and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs)
  • Strengthen the Provincial Development Council and its Executive Committee in order to effectively pool resources of national / provincial offices and all Local Government Units within the province, fastrack and address common development concerns
  • Implement a Whole-of-Government Approach with civil society organizations (CSOs) and private sector, where the provincial government works in synergy with the National / Regional Government Agencies and LGUs hosted by the Province for a more effective, efficient and excellent provision of public services based on the hierarchy of the people’s basic human needs and opportunities
  • Create a Barangay Development Affairs at the Office of the Provincial Governor (OPG) to attend to the needs of barangays and monitor the implementation of a Provincial Rural Development Program

II. Job Generation and Livelihood Creation for Self-Reliance

  • Establish a Provincial Investment and Marketing Promotion Unit/Office responsible for marketing the investment potentials in the province for tourism and agro-industrial enterprises
  • Provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Enterprises Support Programs and Incentives that will entail enhanced human resource development in schools and universities, better telecommunication and internet services and uninterrupted power supply
  • Prioritize the implementation of the La Union Computer Assistive Technology Center for Persons With Disabilities (PWD) and Special Children designed to enhance the social integration and livelihood of PWDs
  • Procure a PGLU-TESDA Provincial Mobile Barangay Training Bus for Jobs, local and foreign
  • Expand the Provincial Beekeeping (Apiculture) Livelihood and Honeybee Processing Center and Silkworm (Sericulture)Farming and Marketing Program with support of DMMMSU, NARTDI, LGUs, and other partners
  • Strengthen the La Union Tiger Grass Production and Quality Soft Broom Making livelihood program, Basi Livelihood program, Abel Industry, among others, of the provincial, municipal governments, DTI, and other partners
  • Create/Expand a Provincial Emergency Employment Program under the food-for-work; cash-for-work and implementation of labor intensive barangay development projects
  • Continue, strengthen, and expand the implementation of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pililpino Program (4Ps) with DSWD to include all listed indigents in the agency’s “LISTAHAN” 2016 or the DSWD National Household Targeting Program
  • Strengthen the Provincial Employment Services Office (PESO) with computerized JOB NET-access to vacant jobs

III. Expand Agri-Industry Modernization and Mechanization with Diversified Organic Farming

  • Allocate funds from Republic Act 7171 (Tobacco Excise Taxes) in order to fastrack rehabilitation and construction of more irrigation systems, small water impounding dams, and water catchment/harvesting dams of farmlands to increase family productivity and income
  • Create and fund Cash Crop Alternative Programs for tobacco farmers and training on agri-business/ entrepreneurship management
  • Forge a PPP with the Poro Point Freeport Zone for the full development of the San Fernando International Seaport in order to facilitate full and unabated access in the ingress of essential agricultural inputs and egress of agricultural products of the Province. Also, to develop the seaport as an international cruise ship destination to promote Agri-Tourism and other investments

IV. Development and Improvement of More Tourist Destinations in the Province

  • Provide a roadmap for an Integrated Tourism Development Program with all stakeholders that will enable the Province to provide world-class facilities and services
  • Harmonize the existing Real Estate Tax and Financial Incentives being enjoyed by tourism enterprises within the Poro Point Freeport Zone with tourism establishments outside the freeport, but are within the Province of La Union
  • Participate in the immediate activation and improvement of the San Fernando Airport with the Poro Point Freeport Zone for maximal use
  • Further develop the expansion of the La Union Botanical Zoological Garden/Wildlife Center and Eco-Tourism Parks jointly with the City of San Fernando, DENR, and private sector
  • Identification and construction/rehabilitation of cultural heritage sites and other tourism sites
  • Development of the Provincial Capitol grounds as a prime tourist destination

V. Quality and Affordable Healthcare and Wellness Centers

  • Expand all provincial health care facilities and modern equipment and provide greater access to affordable and quality healthcare services to the La Union Medical Center in Agoo and all District Hospitals in La Union with specialized Geriatric Clinics; automatic or point of care enrolment of all indigent patients in PhilHealth who are confined in the hospitals
  • PPP for the La Union Oxygen Generation System Project and provide this service to all provincial hospitals and health centers
  • Support Rural Health Centers in areas without immediate access to hospitals by providing affordable and quality Lying-In and Geriatric Services for health and wellness of patients

VI. Sustained Quality and Relevant Education and Training

  • Expand and at least double the number of PGLU scholars for high school, college, and selected vocational-technical courses or skills training for jobs and employment
  • Support in full implementation of the K to 12 program in public schools with DepEd
  • Fund Alternative Learning Programs specifically focused also in agricultural and tourism development
  • Provide free-internet connection/access in all public secondary and selected elementary schools
  • Establish Pilot Indigenous People’s (IPs) School of Culture and Arts in all IP dominated municipalities and selected barangays pursuant to the guidelines of DepEd
  • Capacitate all PGLU employees and officers on values, integrity, honesty, competence, and public servanthood for God, country, family, and people

VII. Climate Change Adaption and Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation

  • Strengthen all Local Government Units (LGUs), Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) Offices at all levels most especially the Barangay DRRM Committees in accordance with Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2014-1 dated April 4, 2014 for fast actions, before, during, and after any natural or man-made calamity
  • PPP for Alternative Clean and Green Sources of Energy
  • Construct Multi-Purpose Evacuation Centers in all disaster-prone municipalities and barangays identified in the hazard map of the Province
  • Construct effective coastal shore protection and slope protection in danger zone barangays

VIII. Major Infrastructure and Utilities Programs/Projects

  • Fund (RA 7171) the construction of farm-to-market roads (FMRs) and construction of sustainable post-harvest facilities
  • Institutionalize the Local Road Management System of the Province
  • Formulate a Provincial Road Network Development Plan complete with location maps and status of provincial roads with assistance of DILG and DPWH
  • PPP for the Mabanag Multi-Use Commercial/Residential Building in the City of San Fernando
  • Implement the Sevilla Multi-Purpose Development Program that will include a farmers’ agri-demo and training center and housing facilities for provincial employees
  • Accelerate implementation of the PRDP projects, DILG KALSADA, and BUB Infrastructural, utilities and support projects

IX. Enduring Peace, Order and Security

  • Re-organize/Strengthen the Provincial Peace and Order Council, La Union Anti-Drug Abuse Council and the Council of the 5-Pillars of the Criminal Justice System, create its respective task forces and submit action plans to effectively stop all forms of criminalities in the Province
  • Provide necessary logistical support accompanied by the Governor’s strong leadership and political will to stop all forms of criminalities and injustices in the province for an enduring peace and order
  • Strengthen the Annual Search of the Safest, Greenest, Cleanest, and Most Beautiful Barangay and Municipality in the Province and provide bigger incentive prizes
  • Facilitate completion of the DOH-La Union satellite Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Project and early operationalization (site located at the back of the ITRMC)
  • Governor’s issuance of a strict policy towards: “La Union: an illegal drug and crime-free province with full support of all stakeholders.”