June 24, 1571

The Spaniards started the colonization of Ilokos.

June 1572

The conquistadores, led by Juan Salcedo, landed in Agoo (at that time, part of Pangasinan called “el Puerto de Japan”).


The original Ilokos province was split into Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.


Abra was created an averia by Governor General Narciso Zaldua Claveria.

October 29, 1846

Governor General Claveria signed the proposal to unite selected areas in Pangasinan, Ilocos, and Cordilllera into a new province.

March 2, 1850

Governor General Antonio Maria Blanco signed the Superior Decreto that founded the La Union as a political-military government.

April 18, 1854

Queen Isabela II of Spain issued a royal decree from Madrid confirming Blanco’s Superior Decreto.


There was a dramatic progress in commerce and agriculture in the province primarily because of Tobacco.


The Spanish Revolution started where native priests were tortured, Balaoan elites now known as Siete Martires were executed, and Masons were prosecuted.


Mariano Garcia, a much-hated Friar from Sto. Tomas, was shot dead on May 22, igniting a revolution in the Province. General Manuel Tinio liberates La Union and was appointed as “de facto governor” who was later replaced by Dr. Lucino Almeida.


Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo appointed Dr. Lucino Almeida as Presidente Provincial.


Don Joaquin Ortega was elected as La Union’s First Civil Governor.


San Gabriel, Pugo and Sudipen turn into Municipalities.


Municipality of Santol was created.


Burgos becomes a Municipality.


Bagulin turns into Municipality.


San Fernando becomes a city through the initiative of La Union 1st District Cong. Victor F. Ortega and Mayor Manuel C. Ortega.