I. Health Program

    • Will allocate fund for the expansion and improvement of Health Care facilities of Government Hospitals such as Rosario District Hospital, Caba
      District (Medicare Community) Hospital, Naguilian District Hospital, La Union Medical Center and Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center
    • Distribution of DSG ID system for 2nd District of La Union for easy access and worry -free hospitalization
    • Purchase of Medical and dental mobile clinics to bring medical health care programs to the community, right in the doorstep
    • Establishment of a 24/7 Lying-in clinic in Bagulin, Burgos and remote areas of Aringay, to ensure that medical attention are served even in far-flung areas.
    • Establishment of Dialysis Center
    • Purchase of additional Ambulances to distant barangays for fast and safe transporting during emergencies
    • Provision for wheel chairs, mobility aid, hearing and vision aids for PWDs, Senior Citizens and residents with hearing and visual impairments
    • Establishment of additional Botika ng Barangay (1:1 ratio)
    • Organizing “Blood Donor’s Club,” a self-help program that aims to organize blood donors in every barangay to help fellow residents in need of blood

II. Livelihood Program

    • Establishment of a trading post/”farmer’s depot”(“Bagsakang Bayan”) in Caba or Bauang to help local farmers and fishermen directly sell their
      produce to increase their income and for consumers to enjoy lower prices of fresh harvest and other household necessities
    • Agricultural Crop Zoning. Different Municipalities will have specific crop and cropping sequences which are biophysically suitable with high yield
      expectancy. This is to prevent Financial Loss due to over production. For example, based on through research and sampling, the crops of the following towns will be:
      Okra for Naguilian, eggplant for Bauang, and Upland Vegetables for Bagulin and Burgos. Local farmers who will support the project will be given subsidy of fertilizers
    • Strengthening and expanding Green Ladies Association District 2 (GLAD2) to accommodate more members and to widen livelihood programs for them
    • Facilitate Livelihood-on-wheels to cater to residents most especially mothers teaching them business skills to make them more productive members of the community.

III. Infrastructure

    • Construction of Lighthouse in the Southern part of La Union to guide the local fishers on their way home during night sails
    • improvement/ rehabilitation of Farm to Market Highways to fast mobility of trade
    • Expansion / rehabilitation of Irrigation System in Rosario, La Union to cater to more farmlands
    • Construction of Isolation Facilities

IV. Social Responsibility

    • Improve Pension and other benefits for all senior citizens and persons with disabilities indigent or not
    • Allocate funds for single parents for the 2nd district
    • Distribution of 5,000 financial help for the bereaved family and Free Coffin/Casket for the Indigents (Libreng Libing)
    • Creation of Transport cooperatives for TODA, Minibus and Jeepney drivers/owners and other Non-Government Associations
      Ex. All members will be granted with big discount on Petroleum Product
    • Encourage and strengthen people’s participation by creation of more NGOs in all sectors and interest groups
    • Building a Gender-Friendly restroom with a purpose of creating a welcoming and inclusive spaces for all
    • One-child One-Tree Policy

V. Education

    • Revival of DMMMMSU- Alipang, Rosario and DMMMSU -Santo Tomas and develop it into an academy. Scholarship grants will be given to
      wholehearted students and not just based on merits and academic qualifications. Furthermore, the Research facility for Fisheries and Aquatic Science will be reinforced
    • Scholarships and grants for students who wants to enrol to technical-vocational schools.
    • Propose for the creation of a Department for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and not just a Bureau under Department of Agriculture
    • Equipment for disaster and calamities. Emergency Response and Resilience Management Advancement
    • Passage of Bill increasing the honorarium standard law for Barangay Health Workers and Barangay Peace and Security Officers
    • Sponsoring a Bill to stop the practice of requiring our pensioners (SSS,GSIS, PVAO and PNP) especially our disabled, old age and others who can hardly comply personal appearances, instead the office concerned will do the visiting
    • Quarterly organizing job fair in every town tapping other government agencies and companies
    • Strengthening of Barangay Healthy Emergency Responses Team(BHERT)

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