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Sustainable technology based agriculture and fishery sector responsive to food security, improved productivity and income of farmers and fishefolks towards agri-tourism in La Union.


To help and empower our farmers, fisherfolks, cooperatives/RBOs’, agri-preneurs to be direct and sustainable inputs to agri-tourism development in the province.


Pursuant to Section 17, Paragraph (b) No. 3, Chapter 1, Title 1 of Book 1 of the RA 7160 known as the Local Government Code of 1991, the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist is mandated to provide agricultural extension and on-site research services and facilities which include control of plant’s pests and diseases, assistance in the organization as well as transfer of appropriate technology.

The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist under the La Union Transformative Governance Roadmap is tasked to implement the core function of capacitating agri-preneurs, MSMEs, Cooperatives, and associations to be direct and sustainable inputs to tourism and to provide infrastructure support critical to the tourism circuit and the agricultural sector as well as the delivery of support programs, projects, activities, and improvement of facilities that will sustain the Agri-Tourism initiatives of the Province.

Organizational Outcomes:

  • Productivity in the agriculture and fishery sector increased
  • Food self sufficiency attained and sustained
  • Increased income of farmers and fisherfolks
  • Viable and sustainable agri-fishery based entrepreneurs, MSMEs, cooperatives, and associations increased
  • Reduced in the infrastructure gaps in the agri-fishery sector in the Agri-Tourism Circuit
  • Agri-fishery sector resilience to climate change risk increased.


I. Strategic PPAs

  • Agri-business Capacity Development Initiatives
    1. Profiling of Agri-entrepreneurs and Capacity Need Analysis
    2. Conduct of meetings and consultation dialogues
    3. Capacity building trainings to agri-preneurs
    4. Project proposal preparation of livelihood assistance to agri-preneurs, cooperatives, and associations
    5. Monitoring and evaluation of agri-preneurs, cooperatives, adn associations
    6. Mentoring and coaching of agri-preneurs
  • Agri-Infra Initiative
    1. Assistance in the establishment of Postharvest Facilities and Processing Centers
    2. Provision of farm machinery/equipment (Agricultural Farm Machinery)
      1. Validation/Evaluation of Proponent Groups
      2. Project Proposal Preparation
  • Other Strategic PPA’s supportive to Agri-Tourism
    1. Development of Bungol Demo Farm as Farm School and Agri-Tourism Site in the North Circuit
    2. Establishment of Bamboo Grove and pigmented rice production at Damortis Nursery
    3. “Fish Yalan” in Sta. Rita Farm
    4. Apiculture Development Program
    5. Technical Assistance to Beekepers
    6. Agri-Tourism Festival

II. Operational PPAs

  • Sustained Food Sufficiency & Increased Income of Farmers & Fisherfolks
    1. Agri-Production Commodity Assistance
    2. Productivity Enhancement Program
  • Agri-Infra and Farm Mechanization
  • Extansion Support and Research Activities

III. Special Project

  • Philipppine Rural Development Project
  • Sikat Saka Program
  • Organic Agriculture

Organizational Chart

Citizens Charter

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