Strategic Location and

La Union has been a springboard to the vigorous South East Asian Economies. Once the airport the is upgraded, San Fernando City is less than an hour away from Hongkong and Taiwan, less than 3 hours away from Singapore, and less than 3.5 hours away from Korea and Japan. La Union is about 2,800 km from Jakarta. Also, the province is proximal to the trading centers in Luzon such as Baguio, Laoag, Vigan, Dagupan and Urdaneta.

Excelled Peace
and Order

La Union is proud to have held its record as one of the healthiest, cleaneast, greenest and most peaceful provinces in the country. It maintains among the lowest crime and malnutrition rates and practices a sound enviroment policy. Peace and order and political stability are among the proud traditions and legacy of La Union.


With a population of over 712,000, La Union brags of one of the highest literacy rates in the country at 98%. It has 20 higher educational institutions, 104 secondary schools, and 390 primary schools.

La Union’s skilled and educated labor force of about 467,000 is noted for its Ilocano trait of hard work. Slightly over half of its labor force is employed in the agricultural sector, 12% in industry and 35% in service sector.


The Poro Point Special Economic & Freeport Zone, former Wallace Air Station, is a premiere economic growth center in Northern Luzon. It is fully equipped with adequate infrastructure such as industrial part, seaport, and airport facilities making it an ultimate investment destination. Upgrading of San Fernando Airport’s navigational equipment and improvement of airport facilities are priority. La Union boasts of well-maintained roads, abundant supply of water and power, highly developed communication facilities, and presence of sufficient print and broadcast media.