Hon. Pablo C. Ortega
Representative, 1st District of La Union


1st District of La Union: Inter-Governmental Convergence for Sustainability and Inclusivity

Spur Local Economic Development through the La Union Business Center


  1. Build a policy environment for the advancement of the agri-tourism industry
  2. Instill the culture of health and wellness through policies and PPAs
  3. Create a responsive SMEs policy to support the growth of local start-ups and small ventures
  4. Advocate local economic development related policies in support of the needs of the LGUs
  5. Encourage LGUs to adopt governance systems to enable efficiencies in public service delivery
  6. Utilize ICT as a platform for strategic communications and promotions
  7. Engage LGUs through continuing education to strengthen understanding and appreciation on LED
  8. Institutionalize the regular conduct of best practice sharing sessions among LGUs
  9. Develop and package the district initiatives portfolio for marketing to targeted sectoral groups
    and government agencies
  10. Establish international linkages to mobilize resources to fund the strategy