Hon. Geraldine P. Ortega
Ex Officio Member


1. Women Empowerment and Social Development

a. uphold programs, projects and activities that promote the empowerment of women, especially the distressed and marginalized.
b. Ensure the protection and preservation of the rights and welfare of women and children, by localizing relative national legislative policies and measures.
c. Harness the help of civil organizations and non-government organizations, such as the La Union Vibrant Women Inc.

2. Moral Restoration and Spiritual Consciousness

a. Support programs that promote the moral recovery and values restoration of the community, through appropriate interventions such as rehabilitation activities, and religious/devotional engagements.
b. Provide legislative support to the Provincial Government’s agenda to develop a citizenry that is God-Loving, People-Oriented, Accountable, and Committed.
c. Engage the youth and children in activities that strengthen their faith and devotion, such as bible reading and rosary distribution.

3. Good Governance in the Grassroot

a. Advance legislative policies that support the empowerment of barangays through fiscal development and budget management.
b. Develop interventions to instill effective leadership in the communities, guided by the principle, “better communities emanate from better leaders.”
c. Strengthen community-based programs that foster economic sustainability, peace and order, and social empowerment in the barangays.


  • Committee on Agriculture and Aquatic Resources
  • Committee on Component City, Municipal and Barangay Affairs