Native Basket Making

Site Classification: Man Made, Handicraft
Location: Barangay Turod
Access Road: Brgy. Castro – Duplas – Bulalaan Access Road
Distance from Municipal Hall: 2.31 kms
Description: Basketry has been the town’s One Town One Product (OTOP). Tourists are given the chance to experience making their own baskets or even bags (pasiking). Other products are also available for purchase such as basket vases, trays, pencil holders, and keychains.

Kinmadilyan Falls

Site Classification: Natural
Location: Brgy. San Jose, Sudipen, La Union
Access Road: Brgy. San Francisco – San Jose Access Road
Level of Development: Underdeveloped
Distance from Municipal Hall: 18.15 kms
Description: This high waterfall has three major cascades and is one of the town’s sources of irrigation. This waterfall is also home to a various species of fish and its surroundings are ideal for picnics and camping.

Amburayan River

Site Classification: Natural
Location: Barangay Namaltugan
Access Road: Brgy. Ilocano – Old Central – Namaltogan Access Road
Level of Development: Emerging Tourist Site
Distance from Municipal Hall: 6.06 kms
Description: This river serves as the Boundary Mark between the province of Ilocos Sur and La Union. This is also the site of the famous “Right foot Angalo” believed to be a foot print of a Giant named Angalo that lived during the ancient times. It is believed that Angalo traversed the Ilocandia in search of his wife Aran. The Amburayan river is also the setting of the famous Ilocano Epic titled as “Biag ni Lam-ang”.