Hon. Ruperto A. Rillera, Jr.
Board Member, 2nd District of La Union


I. Governance

  • Effective and efficient delivery of services primarily health and education specifically to the most in need population of the province.
  • Enhanced coordination and cooperation with municipalities and barangays especially in the implementation of policies through ordinances as well as programs and projects.

II. Economy

  • Poverty alleviation through employment and livelihood programs; and
  • Improvement of investment climate in the province.

III. Health:

  • Public safety and preparedness for disasters and/or effects of climate change and disease outbreaks;
  • Improvement of hospital facilities and their capabilities;
  • Empowerment of PGLU health workers ; and
  • Expanded nutrition programs and wellness programs.

IV. Education:

  • More scholarship grants to poor but deserving students; and
  • Infrastructure assistance to schools.
  • Support to Alternative Learning System and Child Development Program.