Hon. Ma. Annabelle S. De Guzman
Board Member, 2nd District of La Union


I. Transparency and Accountability
Transparency and Accountability are essential doctrines of good go-vernance. Officials and other civil servants need to set the paragon of professionalism, personal integrity, and modest lives. In addition to our accountability for our actions or inactions, we should not only be loyal and patriotic but must be efficient and just in the delivery of services to our constituents. There should be no place for corruption in governance. Corruption undermines credibility and can deepen poverty and hardship for our people. Transparency and Accountability are indispensable to stakeholder’s participation in governance and to who benefits from decisions and actions made. Information should be made accessible and understood by all concerned. Laws and policies should be applied in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

II. Democracy and Liberalism
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Legislature) must be the pillar and bulwark of democracy in the province. In its august walls are echoed words of wisdom, truth and liberty that not only nourish the foundations of democracy and liberalism but also give life to the hopes and dreams of the voiceless many and curve the excesses of the powerful few. In its sessions, we “let a hundred flowers bloom and let a hundred thoughts contend”. Such is the essence of Democracy. We must disagree to agree to firmly resolve issues and concerns.

III. Defend and Enhance Human Rights
Free speech, peaceful assembly, right to organize, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance are guaranteed in a democracy. To stifle and muzzle civil and political rights have no place in a modern democratic society like ours! We must defend and enhance human rights.

IV. God, the Omnipotent Power
Our Almighty GOD is the center of humanity’s endeavor. Everything we do or not do; every single act or plan shall emanate its rightful course from the Lord.

V. Empowerment and Inclusive & Equitable Development
There must be equity of access to decision-making process and necessities of life. Strong and active Civil Society Organization participation builds and enhances Good Governance. Empowerment leads to equity in the access and use of resources. Everyone must have access to education, employment, nutrition & health care, shelter, livelihood and other social services. Government must address poverty, underdevelopment and powerlessness of the basic sectors especially the landless farmers, fisherfolks, informal settlers, persons with disabilities and senior citizens. The promotion and advancement of gender equality and youth empowerment are indispensable for accelerating progress. Viable & strong cooperatives and modern agriculture must be supported to ensure rural development.

VI. Autonomy & Self-Reliance
Enhanced autonomy through an amended Local Government Code will make LGUs self-governing and will equitably diffuse the wealth of the nation; and so is political power shared and dispersed. It will greatly heighten the access of the people to decision and policy-making process. It encourages and enables the local populace to end their passivity, thus making them truly self-reliant as well as enabling them to achieve maximum freedom, peace and order, and genuine development. The Provincial Government must create an environment of effective and efficient municipal and barangay local governments that are truly empowered to develop and protect their communities.

VII. Lasting Peace and Sustainable Development

We must promote and dispense justice through the Rule of Law. It is the key to peace and development with peace being a precondition for societal development and progress, including economic, political and human dimensions, which in turn is crucial for bringing about durable peace. It is my belief and commitment that if we want to achieve lasting peace and genuine development, we must work for justice.