Hon. Gary N. Pinzon
Board Member, 1st District of La Union


Board Member Gary N. Pinzon focuses on strengthening Public and Private Partnership within the Province of La Union which will be of great help because it will establish a collaborative effort in addressing the issues and problems within the Province of La Union.

Board Member Gary N. Pinzon also prioritizes Disaster Management and Relief Services because he is a firm believer of the saying “Prevention is better than cure .” therefore by formulating and developing a comprehensive plan that is adoptive and effective in our province we will be well equipped and prepared when disaster or calamities strike.

He also puts emphasis on Health and wellbeing of the people. He wants to address the issues and problems regarding health and sanitation within the Province of La Union to ensure that the vital interest of the people is greatly promoted and protected.

Lastly, to support the vision and mission of the Province geared towards Agri-tourism, He wants to improve and develop the status of Agri –Tourism in the Province specially Agriculture because it is still the major source of income in our province therefore the welfare of Farmers and Fisherfolks must also be taken into consideration.


  • Committee on Disaster Preparedness and Management and Relief Services
  • Committee on Health