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Situated north of Bacnotan, South of Bangar, Sudipen and Santol on the East and Bacnotan on the South, Balaoan is approximately 300 kilometers north of Metro Manila. The town can be reached from Manila using the MacArthur Highway, or via plane landing in Canaoay Airport in San Fernando City.

Having its former name as “Puraw”, Balaoan was founded in 1704 and originally a part of Ilocos Sur. The town's present name “Bala-aoan” originated during the Spanish colonial era through the answer of a Spanish Soldier when asked if their guns are loaded or not. Balaoan is one of the oldest municipalities in La Union. Balaoan holds its Parochial Fiesta every September 9 & 10 and Panagyaman Festival on December 18-22 of the year.

Sea urchin may just be a local delicacy and an exotic fare for food lovers but to the Balaoan fisher folks along its coastal waters here, this edible marine resource now housed in fish cages along the coastal areas of Barangays Paraoir and Almeida are now a veritable treasure trove more precious than gold because its growing commercial production now assures regular added income. Tourists and vacationers can also rent boats for them to actually take a closer look on the harvesting process of the famous “Maratangtang”, a favorite delicacy among the Ilocanos. A Picnic to Apaleng Park or Coconut Garden and a visit to Lourdes Grotto sums up the PINK tour to Balaoan!

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