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Bagulin, noted for its quality soft brooms, is a quiet town nestled among meandering mountains and the pristine Bagulin River. It can primarily be reached by taking the Naguilian-Bagulin Provincial Road or, alternatively, by minor roads from San Fernando City, San Juan or Burgos. Befitting this off-the-beaten-path destination, the new 4x4 off-the-road challenge is being offered to adventurous visitors wherein they can venture into Bagulin’s untamed interior landscapes.

Backpackers will find Bagulin an ideal spot for trekking and camping with such sites as Tagudtud People’s Park, Loslosi Falls and Kedlap Burial Cave in Allabok which, with its cultural significance, was declared a National Cultural Treasure in 1977. Another site of note is Barangay Cardiz, La Union’s highest point where one can find Tili Ti Nuang Falls.

Aside from its natural wonders, the municipality is resplendent with indigenous folklore. Bagulin was said to have been named after Bago, a daring highlander, Ulin, a beautiful lass from the lowlands, and their son Bagulin who grew up to become the best chieftain that ever ruled the community. The town used to be a part of Mountain Province, with Kankanaeys still comprising majority of the population today. It celebrates its Patronal Town Fiesta every March 16-19.

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