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To make the Balaoan District Hospital (BLDH), the most competent provider of quality medical health care in Northern La Union


Quality services delivery shall be our core philosophy in the hospital, and as such we commit to design our operations and processes by using appropriate technology and expertise to be able to deliver an affordable and accessible quality medical care to the people of Northern La Union

- We shall regard our patients as the reason for our existence and we shall strive to treat them with utmost care and compassion at all times
- We shall give our best effort in the efficient utilization of our resources so that we can continuously improve our operations
- We believe that our employees are our best resource and shall give continuous opportunities for recognition and development
- And as we continue to perform our day-to-day work, we shall bear in mind that our creed is to our community and our noble task is to build the well-being of its people


Provisions of economical, efficient and effective quality health care to in-patients and out patients. Determination of costs of an adequate level of health services so as to shape local health services according to local demands and needs.


a. To maintain the four (4) day average length of hospitalization of in-patients;

b. To reduce the average death rate (within 48 hours and over 48 hours);

c. To reduce infant and maternal mortality rate from 1.4% to 0.5% and 0.07% to 0.05%, respectively.

The Northern La Union Maternity & Children’s Hospital, a twenty-five (25) bed capacity was created and authorized under Republic Act No. 5979 through the efforts of Former Senator the late Magnolia W. Antonino during her term of office as Congresswoman of the 1st District of La Union. It was organized by the late Dr. Juan Mabutas Jr., then Chief of the Hospital of the La Union Provincial Hospital (now the Ilocos Regional Training and Medical Center).

Its health service was opened to the community on a temporary building on April 23, 1973. The building was owned by the Municipality of Balaoan, La Union headed by then Mayor Casiano Z. Ledda. Some renovations were made and an annex building was constructed to house the wards and to accommodate 25 beds as it was intended for. The hospital was registered with GSIS under Presidential Decree No. 626. It was also authorized by then Philippine Medicare in January 24, 1975.

The hospital was originally organized with a nineteen (19) manpower complement with the late Juanita Z. Ledda as its first Chief of Hospital. It was on April 14, 1974 that the permanent building was constructed in a three (3) hectare lot also donated by Ex-Senator Magnolia W. Antonino located at Brgy. Bungol, Balaoan, La Union. It took more than eleven (11) years to finish the building due to staggered releases of funds. It was on May 27, 1985 when the hospital finally transferred and occupied the building. Being an institution established for the care of the sick, it is guided by some important goals:

1. To provide quality-patient-care
2. To strengthen and maintain medical and other allied personnel capabilities through training and research.

In 1984, Letter of Instruction No. 949 was implemented, integrating all health facilities and personnel towards re-organization of the Department of Health as authorized under Executive Order No. 851 under the guidelines laid down by Administrative Order No. 65 which gave way to the implementation and improvement of the existing ways and means in the delivery of health and medical services through Primary Health care approach with active participation of the community within the five (5) integrated catchment areas consisting of the Municipalities of Balaoan, Bangar, Luna, Santol and Sudipen.

In the later part of 1990, construction of an annex building was started in preparation of the increase of bed capacity from twenty-five (25) to fifty (50) bed capacity. The increase of bed capacity under House Bill No. 22749 which was authored by Congressmen Victor F. Ortega and the late Jose D. Aspiras and was sponsored by the Chairman and members of the committee on Health and Committee on Appropriation as per Committee Report No. 1337 which has been filed with the Bills and Index Division, Plenary Affairs Bureau on April 5, 1991 during the 4th Session of Congress.

On July 17, 1992, Republic Act No. 7629 change the name Northern La Union Maternity and Children’s Hospital to Balaoan District Hospital.

On April 1, 1993, Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as “Local Government Code of 1991” was implemented. The facilities and personnel of the five Rural Health Units (RHU’S) are devolved to their respective local administrators and the district hospital to the Provincial Government of La Union.

At present, Balaoan District Hospital is a Level I hospital with the new classification of the DOH with an authorized bed capacity of 25 beds. The average annual bed occupancy rate for the last five years (2012-2016) is 134% with manpower of 98 (57 Permanent; 15 Casual; 24 Job Order and 2 Contractual).