Government - Hospitals - Naguilian District Hospital


Establish a participatory people oriented local government on public health and government hospital service with a cost recovery revenue enhancement program based on patient’s capacity to pay


A unified integrated public health and hospital service with a referral system focused on the preventive, curative and rehabilitative health program which will serve Naguilian and its adjacent municipalities


Provision of an improved comprehensive health care to all patients.


a. To provide all patients the necessary quality medical care;

b. To improve the capabilities of manpower through seminars, conferences and trainings;

c. To improve the facilities of the hospitality by acquiring modern equipment.

The Naguilian District Hospital is a realization of a dream of the people of Naguilian and its adjacent towns. Long before World War II, there has been only one (1) physician taking care of the medical needs of the people. With the fast population rate, Naguilian and Bauang became two of the most populated towns in the second district of La Union. People from the towns of Burgos, Naguilian and Bauang which are accessible via Naguilian road with their medical needs made the problem of inadequate medical facilities more compounded. This part of the province then, was also a medically depressed area.

After World War II even with the creation of the four (4) Rural Health Units on each of the four (4) towns, patients have to be brought to San Fernando, La Union which is eighteen (18) kilometers away or forty – two (42) kilometers to Baguio City. The problem was even aggravated by inadequate transport system and poor roads. The passage of the Republic Act 5187 into Law in 1967 started to bring hope to the needy. This act of the Defunct Congress of the Philippines appropriated the amount Php 150,000.00 for the establishment of a District Hospital in Barangay Natividad, right at the town proper of Naguilian, La Union.

The election of then Congressman Jose D. Aspiras into Congress in 1971 rekindled and brightened further the hope of implementing RA 5187 for the promise to the people that the hospital would be forthcoming. There was no building, so from the Php150,000.00 appropriation, Php30,000.00 was released to reconstruct the Old Puericulture center Building with the idea of using it to house the hospital temporarily. On March 23, 1972, the building was ready for occupancy so that the said hospital started its operation with a nucleus of fourteen (14) employees.

The site and physical facilities of the former Puericulture center was too inadequate so, a one (1) hectare lot was acquired by the Municipal Council of Naguilian in 1975. Subsequently, release of funds for the construction of a new standard “NAGUILIAN TYPE MODEL” of the Ministry of Public Works came forth and on December 1975, the new building started to rise. However, it was only on May 19, 1977 when the old building was abandoned and the hospital facilities were transferred to its new site of which additional buildings were constructed. A morgue and an elevated tank were built in 1986. The second floor of a two–storey building built in 1987 served as a male quarter and the first floor was used a vehicle garage.