Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial General Services Officer


The General Services Office as the promoter of cleanliness, orderliness and the effective and efficient management of all physical resources, facilities, properties, records and archives of the Province of La Union geared towards a progressive and peaceful Province.


We, the PGSO staff, commit to:

• Maintain the cleanliness, orderliness and the green surroundings within the Provincial Capitol.
• Give due importance on systems, policies, and activities for the transparent, accurate, complete and timely reports on supply and property management.
• Regularly update and maintain effective records and archives management system.
• Develop and maintain the different facilities and leased properties owned by the Provincial Government of La Union.


• Develop plans and strategies on general services of the welfare of inhabitants and implement them upon approval thereof by the Governor.
• To assign building or land space to local or public officials, who by law, are entitled to such space.
• To recommend to the Governor the reasonable rental rates of PGLU properties which may be leased to the public or private agencies.
• To maintain janitorial and landscaping of all real properties, whether owned or leased, by the province.
• To perform archival of record management with respect to records of offices and departments of the PGLU.
• To perform all other functions pertaining to supply and property management and enforce policies on records creation, maintenance and disposal.
• To be in the frontline in providing general services related to activities such as the possible or imminent destruction or damage to records, supplies, properties and structures and the orderly and sanitary clearing up of waste materials or debris, particularly during and in the aftermath of manmade or natural calamities and disasters.
• To exercise the function of acquiring all necessary supplies for the PGLU.
• To recommend to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and advise the Governor on matters relative to general services.


• Building, Grounds and Parks Maintenance Services
o Regular maintenance of cleanliness, orderliness, sanitation and beautification of buildings, grounds, parks and landscape areas of the PGLU.
o Inspection and maintenance of electrical, air conditioning and plumbing systems of all PGLU buildings and hospitals.
o Provide minor repair works and services to the different PGLU offices and hospitals.

• Supply and Property Management Program
o Prepare and regularly update reports with regards to supply and property management and conduct complete and accurate semi-annual physical inventory of all PGLU supplies and materials for proper accountability and transparency.
o Issue office supplies and equipments to the different PGLU offices and material assistance to the different requesting agencies.
o Take custody and safekeeping including the management for the proper, effective and efficient utilization of all properties of the PGLU.
o Facilitate registration and insurance of all PGLU properties.
o Recommend and facilitates the disposal unserviceable equipment upon approval pursuant to rules and regulations.

• Records Management Services
o Provide and maintain safe, clean and orderly storage area for turned-over documents/records from different offices of the PGLU.
o Conduct inventory and assessment of turned-over documents either for safekeeping or for disposal in accordance with accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

• Transport Services
o Shuttle PGLU employees to and from the Provincial Capitol.
o Provide transport services for all approved requests of the PGLU different offices and government agencies.
o Initiate monthly vehicles status reporting of all concerned PGLU offices and prepare summary reports including recommendations.