Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial Planning and Development Officer

“The PPDO is envisioned to be the Province’s center of essential resources providing dynamic blueprints of development with significant update information, handled by polite, committed, honest, innovative, competent and people-oriented potent force responding to the demands of the constituents towards sustained genuine hopes and aspirations based on the condition of the surrounding environmental disposition”.


Helping the Provincial Government in its quest for “Prosperity and Development, by:

1. Strengthening the PPDO to its fullest development to become effective workforce of the Provincial Government in the achievement of the Province’s thrust and goal;
2. Establishing competent staff highly trained in the scientific approach to locality’s issues and problems, looking forward to the province’s progress and development;
3. Formulating a doable Provincial Plan document ensuring effective and rational allocation/best use of the scarce resources in the Province;
4. Establishing well-coordinated programs and projects reflecting the sentiments, values and aspirations of the constituents and all sectors in the society seeking their full participation in all aspect of development.


The Office is responsible in carrying out development planning, program/project coordination, monitoring, evaluation activities and maintaining/updating data bank for the Provincial Government of La Union and perform other related functions as required by the Provincial Governor and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.


a. To conduct comprehensive study and analysis of priority needs, problems, issues, concerns, challenges, resources and opportunities of the province and on the bases thereof, prepare long-term/medium-term/annual development plans and investment plans within the guidelines of the Provincial/Local Planning and Expenditure Management;

b. To formulate integrated physio-socio-economic and physical framework plan for consideration of the Provincial Development Council/Sangguniang Panlalawigan;

c. To assist/coordinate preparation and updating of specific sectoral plans/programs/projects such as the special projects on Coastal Resource Management Plan (CRMP), Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP), Poverty Alleviation Programs, Provincial Employees Housing Project, Resource Mobilization, Millenium Development Goal, Upland Access Program ISSUE – 2, Tourism Master Plan, Operation Rang-ay iti Barangay Program, Etc.;

d. To maintain and enhance the functionality of the established research, monitoring and evaluation mechanism/system to enable the PPDO-La Union prepare the necessary report of accomplishments of implemented developmental programs and projects from January to December;

e. To prepare Work Program and Budget of the PPDO-La Union that will ensure reasonable levels of efficiency and maximum effectiveness in serving the needs of its client with utmost economy;

f. To formulate and conduct relevant staff development programs/activities to ensure attainment of the technical competence and deep commitment of the PPDO workforce;

g. To conduct continuing studies, researches and training programs necessary to evolve plans and programs for implementation;

h. To monitor and evaluate the implementation of different development programs , projects and activities in the province in accordance with the approved development plan;

i. To promote people participation in development planning within the province;

j. To exercise supervision and control over the secretariat of the various special bodies and committees such as the Provincial Development Council (PDC), Local School Board, Land Use Committee, etc.;

k. To exercise such other powers and perform such other functions and duties as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


Planning and Programming:

1. Annual Investment Plan
2. Provincial Development Investment Plan
3. State of Local Governance
4. Integrated Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan
5. Continuous updating of thematic maps

Research, Evaluation, Monitoring and Program Coordination

1. Preparation/Updating/Maintaining of the Socio-Economic Profile/La Union in Figures/Quick Facts
2. National Statistics Month Celebration
3. Preparation of bid books for National Searches
4. Project Monitoring and Evaluation (Financial Assistance, RA 7171 projects)
5. Preparation of Semi-Annual and Annual Accomplishment Reports
6. Provision of technical secretariat support services to various committees and Special bodies (Provincial School Board, BAC)

Special Projects:

1. Preparation of FS/Proposals of various development programs and projects
2. Technical assistance to the municipal and barangay development programs
3. Coordination for the Socialized Housing Project for PGLU employees
4. Monitoring of MDG 5 Target 7
5. Coordination of Upland Access Road Project
6. Project inspection of provincial funded projects
7. Sustained operationalization of the Knowledge Center

Community Development Coordination:

1. Operation “Rang-ay iti Barangay” Program


The PPDO was instrumental in the following awards received by the Province:

1. Best 2007 National Statistics Month Celebration for Region I
2. Most Business-Friendly Local Government Unit, Provincial Category for the Year 2007
3. 1st Runner-Up, Best Coastal Resource Management/ Local Government Unit Implementer
4. 3 Awards, the Overall LGU Champion, Outstanding Local Government Unit/Agency Project Monitor and the Best Agency Project Implementer
5. Best LGU Poverty Reduction Program Implementer
6. Most Outstanding CRM Implementer 2006-2007
7. Champion, 2006, 2007 & 2008 Search for the Best LGU Province in Region I based on the Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS)