Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial Engineer


To promote progress, the spirit of unity, a sense of achievements, vision of peace and hope through better infrastructure programs to achieve substantial socio-economic gains for the betterment of the People of La Union.


To exercise our professions with the highest degree of discipline, professionalism and competence in laying the foundation for economic progress through building of roads, bridges and other infrastructures.

To effectively deliver the basic services to the People of La Union.


• To control and supervise all public projects financed out of local funds, to manage and inspect the performance and activities of the various divisions under it, including personnel.
• To provide support for La Union Development Council (LUDC) and its agencies,
• To coordinate with national agencies undertaking all phases of engineering work.
• To provide advisory and technical assistance to all municipalities of the province on matters of public works and other engineering works


• Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans, programs, techniques, procedures in infrastructure development and public works in general on the province.
• Advise the governor on infrastructure, public works and other engineering matters.
• Administer, coordinate, supervise and control the construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of roads, bridges and other engineering and public works projects of the province.
• Provide engineering services to the province, including investigation and survey, engineering designs, feasibility studies and project management.
• Exercise technical supervision over all engineering offices of municipalities.


• The Provincial Engineer’s Office (PEO), being the implementing arm of the Provincial Government of La union, ably carried out its mandate for the Calendar Year 2008. The PEO’s exemplary accomplishment is the outcome of: (1) a good working relationship of its personnel who believe that attaining a goal is a corporate responsibility, and, (2) the department’s established collaboration with line agencies and other entities.

• For this year, the PEO has effected the following

1. Construction/Repair/Improvement of Bridges with total length of 134 Lineal Meters (LM);
2. Concrete Paving/Improvement/Repair of 1.9126 kilometers (kms) of Provincial Roads;
3. Concrete Paving/Rehabilitation/Improvement of 3.513 kms. of Barangay Roads;
4. Construction of Road Slope Protection structures with a total length of 90 L.M.
5. Construction/Improvement/Renovation/Repair of 12 Hospital Buildings and Facilities;
6. Construction/Improvement/Repair/Rehabilitation of nine (9) School Buildings and Facilities;
7. Construction/Improvement/Repair of 14 provincial Government Offices and Facilities;
8. Restoration/Repair of two (2) Dikes/Dams;
9. Improvement/Installation of Three (3) Irrigation Facilities/Water Systems;
10. Construction and Riprapping of one (1) Irrigation Canal;
11. Construction/Improvement of two (2) other Infrastructure Projects;
12. Maintenance of five (5) Provincial Roads;
13. Provision of Equipment Support to 79 Barangays/Municipalities/City/ Private Entities; and
14. Validation of 765 resolutions/requests letters wherein each has been provided with corresponding validation reports, plans, programs of work and cost estimates as requirements for implementation.
15. Other on-going infrastructure projects which will be completed soon.