Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial Population Officer


Responsible individuals, well-planned, healthy and happy families, empowered communities, guided by the Divine Providence, living harmoniously and equitably in a sustainable environment.


We are an information resource department, working in partnership with national and local government, program implementers, community leaders and civil society.

We are program advocates for Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health.


Responsible in the overall coordination, planning and monitoring of the population development program of the Province of La Union.


a. Formulate measures in carrying out in the delivery of basic services and provisions of adequate services relative to the population development and management program, family planning and responsible parenthood;

b. Recruit, follow-up family planning acceptors and refer them to the clinics, hospitals;

c. Develop plans and strategies on those that have to do with population development and management, responsible parenthood, and family planning and upon approval of the governor;

d. Implement appropriate training programs on population development and management, responsible parenthood and family planning service.