Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial Treasurer


We envision to make the province of La Union financially stable, economically developed and more progressive province.


To serve as the collecting arm of the Provincial Government of La Union and to intensify local revenue generation program through effective enforcement of the provincial revenue code.

Responsible for the provision of effective treasury services to the Provincial Government and performance of other related functions as prescribed by law or ordinance.


• To serve as the custodian of the public funds and ensure the proper disbursements / disposition thereof.
• To serve as the collecting arm for revenues and payments due the province and disburse funds when authorized.
• To maintain the provincial fiscal accounts and records of the province and its municipalities.
• To serve as the financial adviser of the Provincial Government of La Union.
• To inspect private commercial and industrial establishments within the jurisdiction of the Province in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances pursuant to the provisions of Book II Local Taxation and Fiscal matters of RA 7160
• To maintain and update the tax information system of the province
• To exercise technical supervision over all treasury offices of components cities and municipalities.


1. Revenue Generation and Resource Mobilization-Revenue Collection from all sources.
2. Accountability and Discipline.
3. Revenue and Performance Audit of MTO's
4. Submission of technical reports.
5. Local Government Units Capacity Building.
6. Send personnel to trainings and conference
7. Internal Administration
8. Prepare and submit require reports
9. Conduct staff meetings
10. Disseminate BLGF/DOF MCs Orders, letters
11. Human Resource Management Development
12. Implementation of Special Projects
13. Analyze/evaluate MTO fiscal Performance and borrowing capacity