Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial Administrator - Human Resource Management Division


• We envision to develop and maintain a world-class human resources to extend a more responsive, professional and ethical service to the people of La Union.


• To provide a sound employment and manpower planning program in order to optimize utilization of personnel.
• To ensure effective implementation of the employee welfare and benefits/incentive and award program
• To institutionalize a responsive career and personnel management program.
• To promote employee awareness and observance of norms of conduct established by the agency and the Civil Service Commission.
• To maintain a systematic Personnel Management Information System which facilitates all personnel actions and services.


• To promote career development, morale, integrity, efficiency, responsiveness, progressiveness and courtesy in the implementation of personnel management.
• To assist and advise the Governor and other officials in the execution of policies, rules and regulations in all areas of personnel management in accordance with the Civil Service Laws and Rules.
• To implement comprehensive and balanced personnel development programs designed to raise the level of efficiency, effectiveness and morale of the personnel and the Commission of activities and development in these areas.
• To establish a sound recruitment and selection system within the organization.
• To administer the position classification and compensation system (as prescribed by the Department of Budget and Management) and other employee welfare programs such as medical and hospitalization benefits, health and safety standards, disability, retirement and other benefits.
• To help create an atmosphere conducive to good supervisor-employee relations and improvement of employee welfare and morale and recognizes the employee's rights to self-organization.
• To assist the department and agency in the development and implementation of performance evaluation systems and employee recognition programs.
• To conduct exit interview of employees about to retire, resign, transfer, or separate from the agency to obtain their suggestions and/or feedback on how to improve organization productivity and performance.
• To provide inputs in the development and implementation of human resource training and development programs.
• To establish and administer a continuing employee suggestions incentive and award systems for the improvement of employee performance and productivity.
• To maintain a complete and updated personnel information system.
• To attend to grievances of discourtesy and other similar acts reported by a dissatisfied client transacting business in the office concerned. If the grievance cannot be resolved after exhaustion of all possible means, should immediately refer the same to the CSC Field Officer or the CSC Regional Director.
• As a member of the Council of Personnel Officers (CPO), to actively participate in all programs and activities of the council.
• To liaise with the CSC on personnel-related matters.
• To process/facilitate payment of welfare and benefit claims of personnel and takes charge of extending Saranay Fund Aid.


• Validate/ascertain needs for filling-up vacant position
• Publish vacant positions
• Entertain applicants
• Schedule/coordinate PSB meetings
• Notify applicants for interview
• Prepare/consolidate Comparative Assessment of applicants
• Transcribe minutes of meetings
• Maintain and update systematic filing of applicant's profile
• Process/monitor appointment papers
• Conduct Mass Job Orientation to new personnel
• Monitor progress of personnel

• Conduct pre-retirement counseling sessions/seminars
• Process/facilitate/monitor payment of retirement, terminal leave, etc. benefits
• Review/process various loans
• Update/certify leave balances
• Process Ombudsman clearances/Service Records
• Take charge of grant of Saranay Fund

• Conduct career guidance and counseling
• Conduct capability-building trainings
• Coordinate management conferences with Administrative Officers
• Process nominations to scholarship grants/trainings (local and foreign)
• Conduct personnel research/training needs assessment/personnel mapping relative to HRD programs
• Job coaching/counseling to employees

• Provide personal counseling services to personnel and monitor progress
• Conduct research and participate in the investigation/resolution of administrative complaints
• Conduct team-building seminars/workshops
• Conduct periodic information campaign on CSC rules and regulations

• Create/maintain and update personnel 201 files
• Data encoding/updating of Service Records, leave credits, Certificates of Employment
• Computerization of all personnel information, reports, communications, etc.


• Computerization of employee leave credits.
• Conduct of Monthly Staff Development Session for monthly birthday celebrators.
• Conduct of team-building, skills-improvement, capability-building and knowledge-enhancement seminars/workshops/short courses.
• Information campaign on recent Civil Service rules and regulations and other related laws
• More professional test for job applicants.
• Systematic and orderly processing of appointment papers, retirement and terminal leave benefits of employees.
• Organized and efficient filling-up of published vacant positions through PSB-LHB employment interview.
• Prompt and orderly processing and confirmation of loan applications.