Government - Departments - Office of the Provincial Administrator


The Office envisions to be the leading agency/department in the PGLU in promoting quality and high standards of public services in creating synergy in all offices and in uplifting reforms in the bureaucracy.


Motivated by its vision, the Office of the Provincial Administrator is committed to:

• Strengthening and upholding synergy in the PGLU by providing most effective and efficient coordination and administrative support services to all offices.
• Ensuring that all systems, policies, plans and programs are aligned with and in accordance with PGLU's core values and principles of transparency and accountability, vision, mission, goals, and objectives by regular monitoring and evaluation of actual service/s performance and developing new systems / initiatives or "better ways of doing things" of the various provincial government offices.
• Providing sustained quality and excellent local governance particularly in the delivery of public services through innovative and new programs and projects as improving the efficiency and extent of continuing projects of sustainability.

Based on the Local Government Code of 1991, Sec. 480, Art. 10, the Provincial Administrator’s Office shall:
a. Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the Provincial Government’s governance and development policies, programs and projects and activities;

b. Develop, install and sustain a system-wide internal and external mechanism for effective decision-making and implementation processes;

c. Develop, install and sustain a system-wide efficient and effective performance-driven organization, development policies, programs, projects, reliefs and assistance provision during and in the aftermath of man-and natural disasters and calamities;

d. Develop, install and implement a system of monitoring and evaluating the quality and performance of all provincial government offices for judging system-level efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with existing rules and regulations;

e. Develop, install and cause the implementation of system’s audit and control upon its approval thereof;

f. Develop, manage and issue provincial government manual of operations and procedures as approved by the Office of the Governor;

g. Conduct and cause the conduct of all capacity-building of stakeholder’s disaster risk reduction and management and climate change in the adaptation in the province upon approval of the Governor as Chair of the PDRRMC-La Union.




• Inter-Agency and Intra-Office Coordination and Administrative Staff / Center
• Monitoring and Evaluation
• Organization and System's Development
• Special Projects Development and Management
• Disaster Management Operations' Assistance
• Attend to Other Various Internal and External Clients as Necessary and Directed by the Office of the Provincial Governor.