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Located in the eastern mountainous area of La Union at the boundary of Ilocos Sur, Santol is the perfect get-away destination. It can be accessed from Balaoan through a smoothly ascending and meandering road that is ideal for biking and motorcycling enthusiasts, while its verdant and unspoiled surroundings will be a treat for nature-lovers.

While in Santol, visitors can stop by the Prayer Mountain for spiritual nourishment. Discover Balay-Anito Waterfalls (said to be a dwelling place of spirits with its otherworldly beauty), Siminublan Waterfalls, Amburayan River and Maggew Burial Cave through the destination’s many scenic hiking trails. After a good excursion, have a sojourn with nature at the Municipal Tree Park or Santol Pavillon and indulge on local fruits like rambutan, lanzones, mango, watermelon and santol, the fruit from where the municipality was named after.

A must-try is Santol’s binagkal, a delicious rice cake which is customarily served during occasions, most prominently on the Binagkal Festival celebrated every February. Stay around on December 19 for the town’s Patronal Fiesta and on March 22 - 25 for the Ragragsakan and Panagbunga Festival, the annual town fiesta which also features street dancing. Santol does have plenty of reasons to celebrate about, having received the 2010 National Award for Good Housekee-ping for Local Governments and the 2010 Provincial Award for the Cleanest, Greenest & Safest Municipality – Category B.

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