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With the highest percentage of agricultural land in La Union’s District I, San Gabriel is the prime producer of highland vegetables in the province. From this municipality, one can have a taste of fresh upland vegetables such as cucumber, cabbage and carrots; fruits such as lanzones and rambutan; the native delicacy Imbagkal; Tapey (rice wine). Superior soft brooms and baskets are also sold in the municipality.

San Gabriel can be reached via provincial roads from Bacnotan and San Juan or minor roads from Santol and Bagulin. Take a rejuvenating visit to the Highland Vegetable Plantations of Barangay Amontoc and Apayao. Hike and mountain bike on San Gabriel’s challenging terrains. Explore Liang Digo and Liang Labaan Natural Caves and be mystified by their wooden coffins of unknown origin. Swim on the clear and invigorating waters of Lon-oy Spring, Lineng Pool, Ba’kes Falls, Kattebegan Falls and Tangadan Falls – hailed for having the cleanest inland body of water in La Union.

The Kankanaeys formerly called the town Baka-Burnotan. This is after the game likened to tug-of-war that local folks and people from nearby sitios often played. With the introduction of Christianity, the native populace embraced St. Gabriel the Archangel as their patron saint, thereby christening the municipality after his name. San Gabriel holds its patronal fiesta every March 25 and town fiesta every April 19-21.

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