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Endowed with rich natural resources, Naguilian is largely an agricultural town. Its fertile land yields rice, tobacco, root crops, vegetables and sugarcane which produces two of the municipality’s famous products, vinegar and basi. The original Iloco basi, Naguilian’s sugarcane wine is incomparable in its sweet and robust taste. Aside from sampling the wine, visitors may also get a glimpse on how it’s made by visiting the Naguilian Agricultural Complex.

Hike and rejuvenate the senses at Tuddingan Falls, Sangbay Falls and San Antonio Mini Rice Terraces or meditate in the serenity of St. Augustine Church and Mary Consolatrix Monastery. Head over to Barangay Lioac where some of the best silver products are made or hunt for these precious finds in the town center at Barangay Ortiz, where woodcrafts, leather products and knitted garments are also sold.

Naguilian is easily accessible with buses regularly plying the Naguilian Highway to and from Baguio City and La Union. Stay around on May 1-8 in time for the Basi Festival, simultaneous with St. Augustine’s Patronal Fiesta every 5th of May. Derived from the Iloco word "Nag-ili-an", which means the place where visitors come to stay, Naguilian is definitely a place for taking a respite.

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