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Approximately 297 kilometers away from Manila which corresponds to a six and a half hour driving, this costal town can be reached via the Bacnotan-Luna-Balaoan Provincial Road. Jeepneys located near the San Fernando City Public Market serve commuters as early as six in the morning until seven in the evening. For those riding buses plying the Manila-Ilocos Route, they can get off at Balaoan Town Crossing and take tricycles, which ply 24 hours a day bound for Luna.

Souvenirs are never a problem in this town as visitors can pick colorful pebbles of different sizes and shapes of their choice along the beach where the Baluarte Tower still stands after more than three centuries. Serving as observation post during the Spanish Era against marauding Moro, Chinese and Japanese Pirates, the splitting tower has become a favorite subject of photographers. Visitors can also buy religious items for sale beside the Saint Catherine of Alexandria Church where Our Lady of Namacpacan is enshrined. As a bonus, the faithful can draw water coming from a well at the side of the church which is believed to be miraculous. A visit to this charming town can never be complete without a taste of its local Bibingka, generously served with egg and cheese.

Built in 1915, its Municipal Hall was recently improved and restored to maintain its antique stature. Its grounds also underwent landscaping and massive lighting to jive with the Spanish-inspired Architecture of Luna.

The town’s original name is Namacpacan, an Iloco word which means “one who had given food” due to the generosity of the locals of sharing their food to travelers going north during the Spanish times. On October 18, 1906, during the incumbency of Gov. Joaquin Luna and Namacpacan Mayor Primitivo Resurreccion Novicio, the name of the town was changed to Luna by virtue of Philippine Commission Act No. 1543. The change was based on the request of the Municipal Council which was subsequently approved and endorsed by the Provincial Board of La Union, in honor of Doña Laureana Novicio Luna, a native of the locality and mother of the famous Luna brothers, Antonio the General and Juan the Painter.

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