La Union Songs

La Union Hymn
Composer : Primitivo Acosta

Where is the place where one could find refuge,
through wooded hills and verdant rolling fields?
Where is that place with bubbling brooks and rivers?
Where is that place?
Oh where is that place!

Where can one find birds singing all day?
Where do the waves roll on so silvery?
Where does the sunset spread its golden beauty?
Where is that place?
La Union my beloved!


God Bless the people
of fair La Union!
Keep us from harm and fill our hearts with love
Let no one seek
to break the cord that binds us!

God Bless La Union

La Union: Born With Love
Composer : Joel Macanaya

The Region marches on
One province takes the lead
Destined for distinction
In the name LA UNION

In union there is strength
One people bound as one
Moving onward together
La Union forever strong


United we stand we will never fall
In harmony hand in hand
Claim then promise of this millennium
For this glorious land


Born with love… blessed from above
Gateway to global opportunities
God bless… mabuhay ka LA UNION
Onward together in progress and peace

Clean, green tourist haven
Investment paradise
Winner, achiever and champion
That’s the mark of LA UNION

Repeat: Bridge & Chorus

La Union March
Composer: Mr. Conrado Estonactoc

Oh, La Union Fair, La Union dear
My Province that I love so true with care
Thy sons and daughters sing
Thy glorious beauty pure and fair
With hope so fond and tender memories
We will defend and stand for all your right
Hark! We will all fight
And back you up with all our might.

Onward La Union dear
Your faithful sons and daughters say
All for unity with truth and loyalty

Oh province of my heart
La Union place of love that lasts
So unto the march
Because we all love you so much