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Established as a settlement in 1590, Bauang was re-cognized as a town in 1765 as part of Pangasinan. When La Union was created in 1850, Bauang was one of the original 12 towns that formed the province. This coastal municipality is about 10 kilometers south of San Fernando City, 50 kilometers west of Baguio City, and 250 kilometers north of Metro Manila. It is bounded on the north by the City of San Fernando, on the East by Naguilian, on the south by Caba, and on the west by South China Sea. Bauang also earned the appellation as “Beach Capital of the Philippines” during the 70’s for its pristine beaches and is still a most sought after swimming area as shown by the continuous influx of tourists and establishments of new resorts.

Bauang beach is accessible to any form of land transportation. Its calm waters, fine sand, and languidly swaying coconut trees along the shoreline from Baccuit Sur to Pagdalagan Sur make it perfect for jet skiing, scuba diving and swimming. Various shell crafts peddled by locals at the beach area and at various shops along the highway are also available for souvenirs.

After a splash adventure on the beach, tourists can have a guapple and grapes picking adventure at Barangay Urayong. Famous for its large, thick and crispy with a tangy taste, other Guapple products include pies, jams, candies and grapes. To complete the Bauang experience, last stop would be a solemn time through a visit to the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Brgy. Disso-or.

Bauang celebrates its Parochial Fiesta on April 26 in honor of St. Peter and St. Paul and the Panagkakararua Festival every October 31 of the year. Love the beach, onward to property, Sulong Bauang!

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