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By: Israel O. Rudio, Provincial Information & Tourism Office

The La Union Transformative Governance Roadmap (LUTGR) was shared to the Basic Class of the 15th Performance Governance System (PGS) Boot Camp held at The Oriental Hotel, Mariveles, Bataan on February 15-18, 2017 to illustrate the importance of effective and efficient visioning.

During the first day on February 15, Mr. Chris Zaens, Executive Director of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), used the LUTGR in his lecture titled “Getting the Fundamentals of Strategy Design Right” as an example. It illustrated the importance of determining the scheme fit for a specific vision. He said that the LUTGR presents a unique and valuable position for La Union which banks on different set of activities to realize a specific aspiration which is to make La Union, the heart of Agri-tourism in Northern Luzon by 2025. Mr. Zaens said that the LUTGR is a perfect example for Local Government Units (LGUs) and National Government Agencies (NGAs) which are still setting the directions of their visions. He further remarked that the LUTGR provides a distinct competitive position for La Union. It does not only show which activities are to be conducted, it also shows their relation to one another. As a result, the whole roadmap provides competitive advantage that strategically positions La Union in the fulfillment of its vision.
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