ISO QMS 9001-2015

Quality Manual
PGLU-QM-ISO-001Quality Manual of PGLU

Quality Procedures
PGLU-QP-ACC-001 Accounting Services
PGLU-QP-ACC-002 Financial Statement
PGLU-QP-ADM-001 Communications and Financial Doccuments
PGLU-QP-ADM-002 Customer Focus
PGLU-QP-AGRI-001 Agriculture and Fishery
PGLU-QP-ASS-001 Provincial Assessor
PGLU-QP-BAC-001 APP Formulation
PGLU-QP-BAC-002 Competitive Bidding
PGLU-QP-BAC-003 Alternative Procurement
PGLU-QP-DCC-001 Control of Documented Information
PGLU-QP-ENRD-001 Environment and Natural Resource
PGLU-QP-ENRD-002 Forest Management Service
PGLU-QP-ENRD-003 Mines and Geoscience
PGLU-QP-HRM-001 Competence, Training and Awareness
PGLU-QP-HRM-002 Control of Position Description and Table of Organization
PGLU-QP-HRM-003 Human Resource Management
PGLU-QP-ISO-001 Internal Audit
PGLU-QP-ISO-002 Control of Non Conformity (NC) Services
PGLU-QP-ISO-003 Corrective Action (CAR)
PGLU-QP-ISO-004 Management Review
PGLU-QP-ISO-005 Risk and Opportunities
PGLU-QP-LUPJ-001 Provincial Jail
PGLU-QP-LUPJ-002 Rehabilitation Program
PGLU-QP-MIS-001 Information Management
PGLU-QP-MIS-002 Technical Section
PGLU-QP-MIS-003 CCTV Playback Request
PGLU-QP-MIS-004 System Development
PGLU-QP-OPG-001 Communication
PGLU-QP-OPG-002 Administrative
PGLU-QP-PBO-001 Budget Preparation and Execution
PGLU-QP-PBO-002 Budget Review
PGLU-QP-PEO-001 Preventive Maintenance of Provincial Infrastructure
PGLU-QP-PEO-002 Calibration
PGLU-QP-PEO-003 Project Works Implementation
PGLU-QP-PEO-004 Engineering Permit
PGLU-QP-PESO-004 Public Service Employment
PGLU-QP-PGSO-001 Control of External Providers
PGLU-QP-PGSO-002 Preventive Maintenance and Repair
PGLU-QP-PGSO-003 Housekeeping
PGLU-QP-PGSO-004 Procurement
PGLU-QP-PHO-001 Provincial Health
PGLU-QP-PITO-001 Tourism Service
PGLU-QP-PLO-001 Provincial Legal
PGLU-QP-PPDC-001 Planning and Development
PGLU-QP-PPDC-002 Monitoring and Evaluation
PGLU-QP-PPO-001 Population Management
PGLU-QP-PSWD-001 Provincial Social and Development
PGLU-QP-PSWD-002 Day Care Service
PGLU-QP-PSWD-003 Emergency Assistance
PGLU-QP-RRM-001 Operations and Warning
PGLU-QP-RRM-002 Administration and Training
PGLU-QP-RRM-003 Planning and Research
PGLU-QP-RRM-004 Incident Command System
PGLU-QP-SP-001 SP Services
PGLU-QP-SSD-001 Security Services
PGLU-QP-VET-001 Veterinary Regulatory
PGLU-QP-VET-002 Animal Welfare and Slaughterhouse
PGLU-QP-VET-003 Veterinary Services